The Creator of Glitzy Glass Stars

Glitzy Glass Stars all started with someone who wanted to make a difference. Jen Walker, designer and owner of Glitzy Glass Stars, was that someone. Filled with a desire to change someone's life for the better, Jen decided put her talents to use to make a difference in others' lives. She learned a skill, nurtured her creative ideas, and went to work, building a business that has become a favorite for many women. Not only did Jen create a business offering exceptional, unique jewelry and art, she also began a legacy of giving. Hearing of the many people, particularly children, who suffer in some way, Jen found a way to use her talents and business to bless the lives of others.Over the past three years since Glitzy Glass Stars was founded, 3% of all its proceeds was donated to "One Heart Bulgaria", a fundraiser for Orphans.

Jen grew up with a wonderful mother who instilled in her a love for art. Finding she was good with her hands, she made things for others to show her love. Jen attended Utah State University, where she refined her skills in design while cheering for her Aggie football player husband. When Pat, a friend of Jen's mother, offered to teach her how to make a stain glass star for her to remember a previous trip to Jerusalem, Jen jumped at the opportunity. It was the perfect start. Pat said, "She just took off from there." The idea started with stars, but didn't take long to branch out to eclectic jewelry and glass gifts for all occasions. Jen started Glitzy Glass Stars in 2007, and still loves it.

Amid her glass, Jen does far more than just run a business. Her first job is being a wife to her loving husband who currently works at BYU coaching football as an intern. Jen's next love is her three children. Knowing each moment adds into years, Jen tries to step back often and enjoy the experiences of life as a mother, rather than rushing by them. Jen also loves to keep in shape by playing racquetball, going on walks and reading books with her children, taking hot baths, perusing garage sales, cooking, eating sweets (restrained), and noticing the smiles on her children's faces when she tells them she has something special for them. One rare occasions when she has a moment to herself, Jen envisions herself sitting uninterrupted, lying on a beach with the warm sun on her face, drifting off to take a nap.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Well, life is great, but I have moved. It was a crazy few months. In July my husband all of a sudden had a chance to do an internship at BYU to coach football. It is a highly saught after position. I am so proud of him to get the job. We up and moved that month. Now we are in Provo. Business is continuing as usual. Glitzy Glass loves special orders. I am not currently involved in the local Farmer's's not the same as Logan. Boo Hoo!
We took these photos the day we moved. I was going to cancel the appointment, but knew I wouldn't have a chance for new family pictures for 1 year. So, here they are.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

To Provo

I have loved loved living in Logan. The time has come to have a new adventure in my life. We are going to start bleeding blue. My husband and I drove to Provo yesterday.
He said "What are they can't have the country's flag, then have the BYU flag underneath on the same pole. That is just wrong".
I wonder if at the end of 3 years he will feel the same.
We are going to live next to a busy street. I wonder how that will go with 3 kids.
I really am excited for change.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween MADDNESS

We went to a party a while back and I need to post these fun pictures somewhere! I love to dress up! Betsy Bulkley is amazing . . .She threw a party with these fun photos . . .

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So, now we have an addition to the family. I am excited to have the baby--we are not finding out the Sex of the baby. I am due in August--hot summer!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Favorite Chandelier

This is my favorite chandelier from all chandeliers . . . It's on my future list!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ottoman DONE

I picked a ottoman up from a garage sale and boy was it ugly! It had a few stains, and looked old. Despite the ugliness of it, we used it all the time to put our feet up, play hide-and-go seek . . . I ripped it apart and boy was it fun. I chose a paisley fabric which worked great. I spent quite a bit of time sewing it together to match up right. In the end it didn't match up perfectly, but it looks good and doesn't matter. In a way it was thrilling to hold the stappel gun and go to town stappeling everywhere. There were a few who helped me with it and I couldn't have done it with out them. Love it!